Erdiola Mustafaj (Elbasan, 1992) is an italian/albanian photographer based in Italy.

After graduating at Cfp R.Bauer school of photography in Milan in 2019 she took part in an artistic residency in Shkoder (AL) promoted by the National museum of photography P.Marubi and ArtHouse, exposing her first project called “Pezull” a 4’35 video regarding the intrinsic relationship with the land she had left since she was a child.


Like memories turning into dreams, the narrative of her pictures comes to life through the atmosphere emerging from the relation between light and silence. Her images are slow, could be defined modest and taciturn, they create an amniotic space that allows the viewer a familiar exploration of subjects and space, where clear topographical tendencies are broken by the enchantment for the human figure. Her work is a celebration of the human essence through space, a theater of memory and intimacy that leads to the definition of new visions of reality, not limited to its mere representation.


Deeply connected with the history of her country, her work often originates from a personal experience, therefore the photographic act becomes an intimate process, that resonates with the collective memory, developing a more extended level of meaning. The image thus becomes an allegory of the continuous search for an ideal dimension, a limbo in which the contact between the place and the people who animate and transform it, is revealed in all its ambiguity.